Welcome to the Placenta Baby Website!
You may be here because you've newly heard of placenta encapsulation, or possibly because you're looking for someone in your area so you can have another encapsulation done. Wherever you are, we're here to meet you at that stage, and Congratulations on becoming pregnant!
Along with your pregnancy, the placenta is amazing! It provides nourishment to, and eliminates waste from, the baby. The baby takes oxygen from its mama with the help of the placenta. The placenta secretes hormones that regulate and maintain pregnancy, as well as blocking many harmful substances that may reach the baby. The placenta has amazing capabilities during the postpartum period too. It contains your own natural hormones and is made perfectly for you. If reintroduced into your system, the placenta can heal, sustain, and strengthen.
At Placenta Baby, we offer services throughout the LA area, and as long as you freeze the placenta and have a viable shipping method, work with women in the western 13 United States as well.
For more information, please feel free to browse the website and contact Barbara with any questions that may arise.
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